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 Hello friends, welcome to The Job in Form. In today’s blog, I will tell you how to prepare yourself for a job interview. Every human being needs a job. But in order to get that job, you have to think of some aspects and prepare for the job interview. Today I will discuss them with you in today’s blog. The things you need to keep in mind in an interview will be explained in detail today. 

1. The first thing you need to remember is to know everything about the company you are going to interview for. Where do you know that? You can get help online to find out, for example, if you search Wikipedia on Google, you will find out everything about that company. 

Who is the founder of that company? Who are the chairpersons of the company? Where is this company located? How many branches does it have?  What is the annual turnover of this company? All these aspects need to be known a little. And for all these questions you have to prepare yourself in advance. But let’s find out now what is the second tip?

2. The second tip for a job interview is to know well in advance about the post you are going to interview for and have an idea of ​​that post. Suppose you are going to give an interview for the post of Civil Engineer. But you need to know everything about civil engineers.

What is the job of such a civil engineer? What are his responsibilities? What are the qualities required to be a good civil engineer? The biggest thing is if you are asked what you can do for the company? But you have to prepare the answer to that question in advance. If you hire a company, how can you improve the company? What can you give to the company?

If you are given a responsibility, how can you fulfil that responsibility? You have to have a clear idea about all this. You need to answer them in such a way that those who are interviewing you can hear the answer and make sure that you are worthy of this post. You need to arrange the answers in such a way that you can do everything for the company.

Answer in such a way that if the company gives you a salary of 10 thousand rupees, you will turn it over and give 10 lakh rupees. The biggest thing is that you have to prove your worth by the time you give the interview. Now I will say about the number three tips.

3. Tip number three for a job interview is speaking style or communication skills. Communication skills are a big part of the interview. An interview is successful only if the communication skills are right. Those who will interview you take a good look at your communication skills. So you have to keep the communication skills in order at all times.

Along with that you also have to keep interpersonal skills. And to fix it, you need to prepare for it a few days before the interview. For example, you can practice talking while standing in front of a mirror or you can practice talking by turning on the video camera on your mobile. You need to keep in mind that 90% of your interviews depend on interpersonal skills and communication skills. Now let’s come to the number 4 tips.

4. In these four numbers I will tell you some common questions that every recruiter asks.  Then you have to tell about yourself, your name, your father’s name, your mother’s name, where you live and how far you have studied. In what year did you pass Class Ten copy, in what year did you pass Class Twelve? In what year did you pass college? How many marks did you get in class, how many marks did you get in class twelve, how many marks did you get in college.

May then ask you. What will be your hobby? Then you will say reading newspapers, gardening, reading books. Searching the internet. And an interest in learning something new and an interest in learning something new. Then suppose he tells you what is your strength? Then you have to say my strength is, I can easily make friends with anyone in any situation.

And it can also be said that I can easily learn any new thing because I have a keen interest in learning. Another very common question that every recruiter asks in the interview is why should we recruit you to our company? Then you have to say that if I join your company then the first thing I will try to do is to take the company to the pinnacle of development.

I will try to make the company as good as possible from my level. I always think that being good to the company means being good to me. So if you hire me in your company, there will be no loss.

Another question you may have is how much salary you are expecting. Then you have to tell your celery expectations. Always keep in mind that your salary should be a little higher than what you need because the recruiter will try to give you a little less than your salary. So it is always better to increase the salary a little.

Another very common question you have to ask is why did you leave your previous job? Then you will say the reason for leaving your previous job. However, always remember not to answer any question that has a negative impact. Or you can say that Sir, just as you want your company to grow slowly, I want to take my future to the top. So don’t assume that by joining your company I have secured my future a little more.

And keep in mind that when it comes to interviewing, always try to be polite. Don’t talk too much, talk as much as you need to. Always keep your eyes and ears open and talk. Try to impress as much as possible by keeping your attitude right. If you follow all the tips I gave in today’s blog before giving the interview, then I hope that you will easily pass the interview and be able to secure your future.

Today, it will be seen again some other day in another blog. Stay well, stay healthy, take care of yourself and if the Job Informer website has any benefit for you, then you must visit.

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