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The first question is whether you can control your mind. You can control your mind. If you are a student or you are a businessman and you want to succeed in your work. Then, first of all, you have to learn to control your mind. Only then will you be able to defeat the rest.

Because most people in the world can’t control their minds completely. And be careful I don’t tell you to be that kind of person. Those who do not know their own brain and mind. Today’s blog is made so that you don’t become like the rest. The information I am going to give in today’s blog is said to be one of the most successful and great people in the world.

The knowledge that I am going to give today cannot be given by any school or college. So read this blog till last and at the end of this blog I will give some bonus tips with which you can improve your life. As long as you are dependent on the mind, your mind will control you. He will keep you dancing and you will not even notice it.

A beautiful example of this word was given by Lord Krishna in the Gita. Suppose your body is a chariot and the charioteer who drives that chariot is your mind. And the great soul that is sitting in that mind is you. One thing to remember is that your brain or your mind is driving you, but you are not. You are very different from that brain and mind.

You own that chariot. And in your mind he is your servant. But the problem is that the servant is driving you. He is the charioteer of the chariot. This mind of yours goes on doing different things without caring about you. You just sit and watch him. In fact, if you give your mind a job, it can’t disobey your job. But the problem is we don’t give him any work. Infact you depend on it.

And that’s why your mind drives you. There is an easy way to control the mind and brain. Do you want to know the easiest medium? So listen, the easiest way is to control the brain and there is no need to control the mind. Aren’t you surprised to hear that?

See if you try to control your brain and mind, then you go deeper into it. The more you try to control him, the more he will get out of your reach. And keep you dancing. Suppose you have a job that you must do. But when your mind does not want to do that, then you do that work by controlling your brain in a tropical way.

Yes, you can force reading but that reading will not work for you. No matter how much you try to control your brain or try to do something. That reading or work will not be so good. This means that it is impossible to control your brain. I am going to tell you that secret word. Controlling the brain means observing it well.

You and your brain are different and this is the reason why you can see your brain. If you try to look at the brain a little more thoroughly, you will see what is going on in your love. This time you will understand how your brain controls you. When you observe the thoughts in your brain. as a second person, then you can understand the workings of the brain.

When you begin to incarnate these brain processes, they are automatically controlled. There is a reason behind this because for so long you and your brain have been mixed together but from now on you and your brain are different. From then on, your brain starts doing the things you want it to do. You can imagine standing in a quiet place, you are standing by the sea.

And one wave after another is coming and going in front of you. In the same way, the thoughts that are in your brain will come and go one by one. Do you try to control the waves? No you don’t try to control, you see and observe them. Observe the thoughts that are in your brain. For example, when you go to study but you do not want to study, then make it clear to your brain that your brain does not want to study.

You observe this thing. Try to observe that you do not want to study now, your brain does not want to study now. Then you will see that you are starting to think differently from your brain. Your brain and you are different. And when you are separated from your love, you can command your brain to do anything.   

Then you can understand the way the brain works apart from your brain. Then you will realize that your green tea has been very restless for a few days. It doesn’t let you sit down to study. This has to be fixed now. When you learn to see the judgments and thoughts of this brain. Then you have no need to control that brain. The trend of controlling this brain has now been made to look like it is not your brain like a car.

And you will control it. You will not see your problems until you come out of your brain and try to see them. When you are conscious you can see these problems and try to solve them. Suppose you feel like your body is not fit, or suppose you feel like you are overweight. You were not conscious when you were a child.

So then you would not come to anything. But as you get older, you gradually become more and more conscious. And you realize you have a reputation outside of how you need to talk to someone. How to use with car. You have learned all these things. And all these things can be learned only when your brain is concious.

You get confused when you look at yourself from the outside. And then you can easily learn a new skill. And you realize what you lack. If you are underweight or overweight and if someone jokes about you then you become concious. At that point, you decide to fix it. As long as you are in control of your mind and brain, you will not be able to recognize your weakness.

 In this way you will see that you will move forward beautifully and there will be a time of happiness in your life. Today we will meet again so far. I will appear on another blog with another problem and I will also give its solution. Stay well. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself. Take care of the family. And stay active all the time. Thanks.


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