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 Why don’t we become as qualified or experienced when we hear the name of the interview? I get a little scared or nervous. Especially when you are new you get more nervous. Many times we attend a lot of interviews. Our qualifications are good, we have different test max but we don’t get the job. Repeatedly rejected.

Have you ever wondered why that is? According to a research, the interviewers decide within the first four minutes of the interview whether to select the candidate or not. This means that your appearance is what you look like. How are you talking How are you talking? Your gestures are far more important  than anything else.

Today in this blog we will discuss how you answer the questions in the first four minutes of the interview and how you will be successful in the interview. In today’s blog I will share some tips on how you can conduct an interview with confidence. First of all, remember that self-confidence does not mean that you are better than everyone else. And everything else is bad. Self-confidence is not for comparison with others. To rely on yourself. 

1. Balance diet – 

Now you may be wondering what the interview has to do with food? Actually very deep relationship. Confidence is associated with your thoughts. And your thoughts are connected to your brain. And your brain is connected to your body. So if you don’t eat, eat too much, or eat the opposite, it will affect your feelings.

And indirectly it will also affect your confidence. So before giving the interview, you should eat a balanced diet. This should be the first step of the interview. Most people do not pay attention to it. Read about other things. 

2. Prepare & practice – 

There is no substitute for practice in the company you are going to interview. Gather information about him. You can do a Google search. How big is the company? Where is the office? What are the main requirements of the company? If there is any abbreviation like SSC, TCS. So what is their flower form? You need to know. 

If any questions are asked about the organization during the interview. Then you have prior information about it. Which will prove that you have knowledge and at the same time you are serious about the organization. If you do not have any questions about the company, you will have confidence because you already know the information. Also all the common questions that are asked in the interview.

They need to be prepared or practiced in advance. For this you have to give a lot of time and trouble. Remember that in most cases the interview is the last step to get your job. So it is not necessary to keep any deficit in preparation.

3. Dress Well – 

That is because the first picture that comes to mind is because. His influence remained till the end. However, your first picture in the interview is the last picture. Because no one will interview you ten times, only once. So one interview is your first and last chance to prove what you know. However, it is very important that you replace yourself very well with your dress code.

Dress pants should be worn according to the nature of the company. At present many companies are also doing casual dress. However, in most cases, you have to wear a formal dress. If the organization is education-related then you must wear formal dress. You should not have long hair. Your shoes need to be polished. And your belt must be consistent.

And the shoes and belt will be the same as the colour of your dress. And if you are a female then according to the orientation of the company you can wear formal dress. And in the case of the education sector, you can wear a sari. And you will wear very little jewellery. If you use a lot of jewellery, you will not feel official. So make jewellery as little as possible. More fancy jewellery cannot be used. And make-up will be very low. If you read well you will love to see it.

At the same time you will have good feelings. As I said before, there is a good relationship of confidence with feelings. So automatically your confidence will be high.

4. Neatly Arrange & Carry Your Document & Paper –

If we have as many documents as biodata, educational testimonial, experience certificate. Everything has to be arranged well in a file or portfolio. Because the documents will be very good if arranged it will give a professional look. Which the interviewer will take positively.

5. Don’t Bring Uninvited Guest – 

Don’t take any extra people with you whenever you go for an interview. Be it family members, or friends or anyone else. And if you want to take them, don’t bring them into the company or organization, make them stand out. If you are a female and the interview is far away. Then you can take your husband or father. But don’t take them inside the company.

6. Turn off your mobile and other devices – 

Switch off your mobile or any other type of electronic gadget. So as not to disturb you in the middle of the interview. And so as not to disturb others. Because for these there will be bad impressions in the interview.

7. Use Deodorant / Perfume –

Be sure to use perfume once before going to the interview. Because more or less a bad smell comes from everyone’s body. So during the interview, you must use perfume before going to the interview so that no bad smell comes from the body. Strong perfume should not be used. Because many people have smell allergies. They can’t stand the strong smell. Get irritated. That is why perfume with high scent should not be used so that there is no problem during the interview.

8. Positive Thinking – 

Our brains are a lot like children’s. He thinks that what is said is good or bad is true. So the key is to keep giving your brain a positive message during the interview. Like today I am feeling very good. Today is a very good day. Today I will give a very good interview. I will be very impressed with the interviewer.

As much as possible keep giving yourself a positive message. If not, your brain will think negative thoughts. So try to keep your brain positive before negative thoughts come. This will raise your confidence level from low to high.

9. Arrive Early – 

When we have interview time. She must arrive at that destination at least 30 minutes earlier. Because you have to fill different forms in different companies or offices on the day of interview. That is why you have to arrive in advance. Arriving earlier indicates that we are keen on the interview and punctual and have perfection over time. So you have to arrive ahead of time. Today we discussed the pre-preparation for the interview.

What will your body language look like in the next episode of the interview? How do you speak How to make eye contact? How to answer common questions? On the day of the interview, I will continue to discuss many tips on what to do and what not to do. So keep an eye on our blog Wish You All the Best for Your Future.

 I will see you again in another blog, I will come up with some other problem solution. Hello thank you

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