The most advanced Mini electric cars in the world

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The invention of the electric car brings a revolution in the field of the auto industry.

The advancement of mini cars made life easier. The car you are looking at in the picture is the most developed mini electric car in this world. It was designed by the students of London University. It is basically designed for traveling purposes inside the city. Its battery is rechargeable.

It can mark up to 300 km in one time recharged battery. Its maximum speed is 130 km/h. It has one seat in front and two seats are on the back. It is fully-fledged and safe. An airbag is inserted for the driver. It has a wide-angle camera which provides more safety to the driver. This vehicle’s weight is only 600 kg. Its total length is 3.2 meters.

The next car is smart vision EQ.

Some years ago a German company introduces an autonomous car. This car was developed on a very unique concept. It is almost 7 times small compared to all cars running on the road. it is also termed a magical car. you can adjust its length according to your choice. When there is required to arrange two passengers on it, its length can be maximized using the automatic button.

when one person is traveling on it, it folded automatically. It is a wide-angled view camera. It has a touch screen also. with help of it, you can see the road traffic easily. It is a fully electric car. It can be charged in many ways.

for example, solar panels are installed on its roofs. with help of these solar panels, it charged automatically. Besides it, the batteries are also installed inside it. These batteries can give backup of up to 50km. Its speed is 45km/h.

The next car mini car on the list is M-1.

Usually, the mini car is made for two people sitting. The car you are looking at here is awesome. you can move your family in this car easily. An Italian company TODAYS SUNSHINE has designed this car.

This car is fully electric. A very high-performance engine has been installed in this car. its speed is almost 50km/h. Its total weight is 570 kg and its carrying capacity is almost 205 kg.

It means two adults and some children can sit inside easily. It has an automatic gearbox which is specially designed for driving in the city area. Its battery can be charged with a standard charger easily. It got charged in 8 hours completely. It has a climate control system also which provides you comfortable temperature also. It’s eco-friendly due to its electric property. It is a good choice for a small family.

The next car is awesome. its name is Sondors.

if you look at this car from the outside, it looks like that company made some mistake which does not provide 4th wheel of the car. but it is not correct, the designer chooses his design after long research. It provides more stability as compared to 4 wheels car. Its weight got too low due to removing of the 4th wheel. Its aerodynamic efficiency improves a lot. it has two wheels on the front side and one wheel on the back side. This car has a space of 3 persons to sit inside it. two people can sit on front seats while the third can sit easily on the backside.

This car is completely electronic. It can cover a distance of 483km in one charging time period. It is too much time for a car to travel so much distance in a single charged battery. it can move at speed of 100km/h. Its charge works fast and it is charged in a few minutes. It takes only 19 minutes to charge the battery up to 55%.

The next car is a landmark of the electric auto industry.

The name of this car is Vanderhall Speedster. This car is a masterpiece of 3D cars. This car is aerodynamic too much as compared to other cars. Its shape is narrow. An American company Vanderhall has designed this car.

One person can site inside it only. Its speed is very comfortable. it provides a very comfortable environment for the passenger. It has a 400-watt audio system which is included in its basic package.

Its design is much similar to the 19th-century car. Its body is cover is made up almunium, It has 4 cylinder engine. Its engine strength is 182 hours of power. It is a fully electric car. It can move at a speed of 225km/h. The front and backlights inside it make it more stylish.

The next car is on No-1 on the list of the top mini electric cars.

Its name is IZH. It is three wheels car. This car is designed to travel especially in narrow places like hospitals, parks,s, and markets. This vehicle was launched in 2018. In 2019, its modified version was released. This version was too compact and advanced. A Russian company has designed this car.

This company has made this car after long research. It provides compact riding even in small spaces. It can travel up to 150km on a single charge. its engine is 2 hours power. This vehicle has a speed of 80km/h.

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