Top Motivational Quotes In 2022

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 No one cries because of the injury. People cry more in the words of their own people than in the pain of crying.

It is not easy to trust someone because not everyone knows how to trust.

Mistakes are in everyone but we see more in others.

If you walk along the same road for a while, you can recognize the ups and downs of that road, but even if you spend years with a person, you can’t recognize him completely.

When people who talk a lot become silent, they have to understand that something special has been lost from their lives.

Build your career first then give time to love because nowadays people like to be with him who has a prosperous future.

There is no guilt in talking to the person who has done the biggest wrong to you.

If the man is wrong, your love, no matter how right, is bound to fail.

Mother is the name of the man who came forward from behind while leaving the house.

Here are six easy ways to identify a good girl.

1. A little angry fire. 2. Lets speak on the face. 3. When anger arises, the head does not stay right. 4. It takes people very easily. 5. He cries when he sees someone suffering. 6. When someone speaks a little sweet, she reveals everything to him.

The title of the book was written on the last page of the concluding conclusion. Distance teaches people not to forget but to change.

Love means choice and most people like things that are beyond their control.

When a person has to endure pain, he becomes stoned for a while. No matter how great the pain is, after a while no sound comes out.

That man is really nice that he is addicted to one woman not thousands of women year after year.

Destroying privacy and false relationships, no matter how careful you are, it will come to light in the dark.

If you can’t change the situation, change the state of mind, everything will change automatically.

The greater the danger, the greater the retribution.Let go of arrogance.

When a human being is born from the womb, it can be seen that the child’s hand is clenched, that is, he has entered the world with his fist clenched. It’s as if the world is coming to me with this idea, we are the only ones. When he leaves this world again, his hands are no longer clenched, open. As if the corpse was trying to say, look, nothing was taken along.

 Alone with grief. Alone even if upset. You have to deal with difficult situations alone. It is as if everyone lives alone in the state.

The one who has less is not poor, the one who expects more is poor.

Think for yourself. No one will help himself without his advantage.

What a strange life to have to live a long time to die one day.

Nothing has to become a habit because once something has become a habit it is very difficult to forget.

You will be happy with the one who waits for you. Not to the one you wait for.

Girls can give everything to their husbands except for two things. 1. He can’t tell the truth if he has a relationship somewhere else before marriage. 2. Although things are different now, but to be honest, girls can’t easily divorce their husbands.

Get rid of the one who doesn’t care about you.

The pair of shoes that is the most favorite is the one that gets torn first, the one that suits me the most is the one that gets torn or gets stained. The watch that my hand explodes when I wear it may have a damaged battery or a bad belt. The man who seems to need it the most will leave.

When you close your eyes, no one will remember you, not even your favorite person.

I didn’t break even though I broke, because my Lord never left me. Don’t be disappointed how long to give the Lord, just be patient.

When you see that the great danger has passed, then you will understand that you have accepted any secret gift in the court of the Lord.

The human mind is very diverse, very strange, people fall in love again and again, and every new love teaches people to live.

The need for money in life is much greater than the need to be a big minded person. You may be praised for the form for a while but you are always praised for the quality so stay in the practice of quality without practising the form.

Look for those who have loved from the heart and see that no one is good.

Whether there is anything else in life or not, there should be someone who can find peace of mind and if you sit next to him, the fatigue of the whole day will go away.

This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints on one’s mind.

The biggest revenge on someone after getting hurt is to move forward without looking at him.

Healthy people think that someone in this world is their own but the madman knows that no one in this world is selfish.

Don’t think everyone is close because masked people are always close.

The problem is that now people try to use good people instead of nurturing them.

I thought you could not be good without me, in fact I never understood that you pushed me away to be good.

Respect is equally important for everyone, no matter how young or old.

Girls love to wear sari more than they love to wear sari to show their own people.

The wife, knowing the depth of her husband’s income, arranges her hobbies,The wife fulfills the desires of her children by saving money for household expenses,When the wife comes to the family in a storm, holding the hand of the husband tightly, it is said that,When the wife returns from work, the husband leans on his tired body, leaves a thousand jobs and gives the glass of sherbet to the husband.

You can be upset, time can go bad, people can talk harshly, just be patient, wait and work hard, you will see that you will succeed.

There is nothing to break for someone who has left.

Love someone who will love your mind more than your beauty.

Self-esteem is nothing bigger than this. Even if someone belittles you for once, recognize him and stay away from him because if he gets indulgence, he will do the same thing over and over again.

Never cheat on him who gives you time even in his busy schedule. 

Do not argue with the liar because he will lie to people about you in a way that you cannot imagine. 

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