Best Formula To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime 2022

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 In today’s blog, I will give you such a formula. As strong as it is to sell any product. If you want to sell a bad service. You can definitely.

I tell you this formula is so strong that no matter what the price of your service or product, your product will sell. But the condition is the same if you use this formula. This formula is so effective that if you want to sell anything or crack a job interview. If you want to sell products from small to big or big service, you can definitely do it.

The most interesting thing is that this formula has started working. Has started to work for you. Yes, I sold you this formula. I haven’t shared the whole formula with you yet, but you’ve been listening to me for over forty seconds. So 50 per cent I sold you the formula. You think yes, that’s right. You’ve become curious. 

Today I will teach you Five P Cell Anything to Anyone Anytime. If I wanted I could make a paid course and sell it in the same way. But it is completely free. I will not take more time, I will try to give maximum value in less time through this blog. After using this little formula you can sell anything anytime anywhere.

1.P For Promise – 

As I told you before starting this video. I made a promise with you. I promised this form after you know it. You can easily sell anything.  You will buy that thing with that prize of your own. So what happened as a result? I mean, as a result of this promise. A trust has been built up with you. In today’s 2022, people’s attention span has decreased a lot. If you can’t hold someone for 6 seconds. Then no one will listen to you first.

You were able to hold these six seconds in this blog. I promised after knowing this formula. You can easily sell anything. So as a result of making this promise, you have been reading this blog before. You did not skip. You could skip this blog if you wanted. Could have done something else. But you are reading this blog. But if you want to sell, fast six seconds will have to hold your customer.

I have to say something interesting. Something to show so you can get customer attention. If I can’t take customer attention. If you can’t create interest. Then the previous formula will not work. You will try but no interest will be created in the mind of the customer. So from fast, you have to create interest in the mind of the customer. You have to take the attention of the person in front.

You have to tell in six seconds what your product or service can do. Like in the first six seconds of what my formula might work I said. You need to force your customers to listen to you first. That will be possible if you create a promise. The promise needs to be such that you can fulfill it in general. Don’t make fake promises in any way.

In any video advertisement, the customer has to be stuck for the first six seconds. The customer has to hold fast six seconds. And if you can do that then there is a fifty percent chance that the customer will watch this video first. And the message you gave in the video will be fully understood. This time the formula will tell you first how to give this message to your customer. You need to know that you cannot sell with logic.

You have to sell with emotion. Because people do not understand logic. After logic, you will understand that first of all you have to use emotions.

2. P For Picture –

For example, the iPhone. The iPhone is a phone that doesn’t talk much about its features. The iPhone is the reason why the iPhone is sold. Turning around, the iPhone creates such an image in your mind. Creates such a video. When you enter the iPhone showroom, the salesman will not come and enrich you with the features of the iPhone, he will tell you to look at the latest model of the iPhone.

It will share with you the experience you will have after taking the iPhone. Say that when you hold the iPhone to your ear, the people around you will pay more attention to you. Think that a special person is not an ordinary person. You are very rich. The salesman’s explanation will create an image in your head. You need to sell after results in your business. After creating a promise you need to clear the picture.

If you can do that, up to 75 percent you will think that you have sold to the customer. The next important point

3. P For Proof – 

Suppose your weight was one hundred and twenty kilos. In the last twenty days you have made your weight from 100 kg to 70 kg. You have lost fifty kg weight. Now that you have lost 50 kg in the last twenty days. This is when you tell someone. Maybe no one will believe you. Say that can’t happen.

But if you put a photo here 15 days ago, as if there is a date and time in the photo, then you will see that people will be forced to believe when they see that photo. Because your photo will tell you how you were 15 days ago and how you are today? This is the proof. This proof is very useful in business and you have to use it to do business.

4. P For Pitch – 

This is your closing pitch then you have to close the deal. Suppose your product or service has multiple benefits. But you don’t talk about multiple benefits. Without undue length, you will just identify the customer’s problem. There is a solution to that problem in your product. Then this pitch will be useful for you. This is also a very important point of a business. Then we come to the last point which is post-marketing. I will say this time.

5. P For Post Marketing – 

Post Marketing is what your customer buys. And the customer likes your product. But then what if he buys that thing. He will need post marketing. That means you have to do post-marketing after your product is sold. So that this product is built in the mind of your customer. And can repeatedly order that product from you. This is also a very nice business strategy.

Today we will meet again in another blog. I will come up with another problem and show its solution.  Thanks, hello.

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